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General Lee Replica #20 - March 2013

This 69 Charger was stuck with a 1970s vibe - hijacked rearend with extended shackles, little tires/wheels, very tired 383 with tiny air cleaner. After sitting for many years - it's ready for a new life - as a General Lee replica.

A complete teardown is the first order of business; followed by mounting to the rotisserie for a good cleaning and media blasting.

The body was media blasted and revealed a lot of hidden damage covered up with thick bondo and poor metal repairs. Lots of new sheetmetal is going on now - including new trunk floor, quarterpanels, rear valance, floor patches, and a new roof skin. The firewall is being cleaned up as well, and subframe connectors are being added for extra stiffness. Finally, the bottom of the car was completely undercoated.

Now down off the rotisserie where suspension is completely rebuild and installed.


Finally, we replaced the roof skin, rear valance and rear corners - then off to the bodyshop...

From primer to paint - looking very orange now + a motor!!



Finished and on the road!!!