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Star Wars Landspeeder #4 - Feb 2024

Another Star Wars Landspeeder is underway - this destined to be the best yet - and fastest!!!  Starting with the basic body from the original molds - we mounted it to the rotisserie and are making a few modifications to allow the chassis to fit and work as we want it to.

A custom chassis is underway, mounting a narrowed golf cart rearend with a 3-link airbag suspension.  Not your normal golfcart motor either:  we are runnimg a 5000k motor with a single 56V lithium battery.  Speeds should be in the 35-40 mph range!!!

Engine pods are mounted.  The revealed engine is designed and built, then burned to make it look used and worn.  6" fans and red LED lights are mounted in each engine - this produces the effect of heat amd thrust. 

The windshield canopy is made from a complete custom blown dome, cut to fit the shape needed.

Front air suspension utilizes 4-corner control with independent solenoids that allow each airbag to be inflated or deflated as necessary.  Pedals and steering are dedsigned for a right-hand drive setup.  Steering wheel us removable to allow easier access when getting in and out.  Center dash console and switches are designed, as are dash top pods with front and rear view cameras.  Exposed electronics on the front and rear are built.  Outer grilles are built.

Body is removed from chassis to be stripped down, floors welded in, then painted and reassembled.

Time to paint!  Process involves primer stage, base color, stripes and cockpit, then the fun of distressing it all to make it look old and worn.

Seats are built and covered, cockpit is reassembled.

Finished and delivered to a collection in Las Vegas!!!!