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A-Team Van #5 - March 2015

Rarely do we get to do two of the same vehicle at the same time - but while A-Team Van #4 was being done, we got the call to do #5. 

This one started pretty straight, but without the necessary solid sliding door - so that had to be welded up.

Bodywork started and all the fiberglass has been attached...

Painted !!!  Just like on the TV show this van is Satin Black, Red, and Gunmetal Grey; with black and red pinstripes.  8 Foglights, custom front brush guard, and of course the correct 15 spoke Cyclone II wheels.

Now the interior - starting with a mostly metal shell - a couple of wall boards from a previous life, but not much else.  Wood was laid on the floor, walls, and ceiling; then floor was padded; then a one-piece headliner was hung; then carpet on floors and wall; then door panels.  Overhead console holds a 80's CB and police scanner.  Modern DVD player is for the kids.

Four new captains chairs (the second row swivels around), a rear bench seat, speakers, USB power ports everywhere, and it's ready to roll.