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Wagon Queen Family Truckster - Nov 20


1987 Ford Country Squire - Wagon Queen Family Truckster

Straight out of "Family Vacation" we are building a replica of the Griswold family's station wagon - the Family Truckster!!

Starting with an 87 Ford Wagon that was in great shape - no rust, runs great, AC works - everything works!!  The Family Truckster had a few quirky things done to it to make it special - the rear windows were shrunk, the fuel filler was moved to the hood, the roof rack was extended, taillights doubled, and of course - the crazy headlights - 4 per side.  We are working our way through all that, trying to recreate the car as it was on the big screen.  Check it out...

The starting point:

All put together and ready to roll to Wally World!!!  What makes this replica special is the attention to details; such as: extended and raised roof rack, fuel filler door deleted from quarterpanel, front bumper cut down, correct grille and hood ornament, correct size side vents, crown emblems on sides and hubcaps, and those green-wall tires.