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Star Wars Landspeeder #3 - May 2022

Scotlea is building another Star Wars Landspeeder - this one even more realistic!!  

This body was molded from an original landspeeder, and came with the engine pods assembled but not mounted.  Canopy and front grilles were built quickly from patterns we had from before.

The chassis began as a 3-wheel golf cart, but we only used the rear drive axle & springs, and the front fork - the rest was custom made for the Landspeeder dimensions

Step by Step paint:  First primered, then steel color, then "orange", then striped, then faux sandblasted and burnt.

Finished !!!  Note all the details in the cockpit, the engines (with internal red glow), rear engine components, exposed wiring pieces, etc.  Looks pretty real, huh?  Plus- it's a blast to drive...