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Scotlea Hot Rods is a premier builder of TV and Movie car replicas.  We fulfill customer's dreams of owning the vehicle they fell in love with on the screen.  Have you always wanted to drive that car you've been watching?  Well, we can make that happen.  Here's a few of the custom rides we've built so far.  If you don't see what you are looking for, just give Patrick a call, he's up for building just about anything!!


The General Lee

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Our most popular replica by far is the Dukes of Hazard General Lee.  Scotlea has built 23 of these iconic Dodge Chargers so far, plus an additional General Lee that we built to fulfill the dream of a young man for the Make-A-Wish foundation.  The General Lee replicas are built the way you want them - so it can be just like it was on the TV show, or modified to fit your dreams.  The car can be painted in any of the 3 orange colors (Hemi orange, Flame red, Big-bad orange) used on the show, with the engine of your choice (383, 440, or Hemi), and the interior color that best suits you (black, saddle tan, or Dukes tan).  Of course they all come with the correct "01" on the doors, Confederate flag and "General Lee" text on the roof, and we can add the crossed flags below the rear window if you like.  The correct wide front pusher can be bolted or welded in place, and they absolutely have a nice loud Dixie Horn to announce your arrival.

If you like your cars to have a few modern conveniences, Scotlea can add air conditioning, power windows and locks, a modern stereo system, upgraded suspension and handling features, fuel injection, cruise control, etc.  For the ultimate, opt for the brand new crate Hemi engine and overdrive transmission - it's like driving a new Charger but with way more style and fun.

Scroll through the Gallery to see the different ways a General Lee can be built.





The A-Team Van

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Everyone loves it when a plan comes together, and when you drive one of Scotlea's A-Team van replicas, you will love it too.  A huge hit in the 80s, the A-Team TV show featured an 82 GMC Van customized and loved by B.A. Baracus, played by Mr. T.  The vans used in the show were a modified with custom fiberglass body panels, that big rear spoiler, front brush-guard, and of course that 3-tone paint job that you can identify from a mile away (I'm not sure how they never get caught driving around in that thing).  

Scotlea Hot Rods has built six A-Team vans so far, and #7 is in the works.  Each van has received the same exterior treatment because that was what the van was known for.  We custom fit all the fiberglass fender flares, running boards, spoilers and visor; build the brushguard from scratch, and lay on that 3-color paint job; plus there are actually 2 pinstripes that separate the colors (gray between the red and black, and black between the red and gray) - most people don't even know they existed.  The interior can be built anyway you like.  The most common setup uses 4 captain chairs and a rear couch - but it can be modified anyway you like.  We've added rear air-conditioning, overhead TV/DVD players, sectional seating in the back for more people, etc.  It's a big area, so have it your way. One things for sure, if you drive an A-Team Van, people are going to notice you.  If you want to stand out at a car show, car pool lane, or picking your kids up from school, this will do it.  Give Patrick a call to find out how you can get your own A-Team van, without all the jibber-jabber.


K.I.T.T.  Knight Rider Two Thousand

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Knight Rider featured a highly modified 82 Trans Am that became more radical as the show progressed.  Scotlea Hot Rods can build KITT to do just about everything it could do in the show - except drive itself or jump over obstacles.  The cockpit of these cars was as exciting to sit in as a jet airplane because it had just about as many flashing buttons and gadgets.  Our replicas include all those flashing lights, and we make them as functional as you want.  Remote control function is also available so you can open and close doors, start the engine, and make KITT talk from custom apps on your phone.

As always, attention to the details is what makes our replicas stand out - and since each season of the show gave KITT new gadgets, you can pick and choose what you want your car to have and do - so you can make KITT your own.

Check out some pics of KITT and call Patrick when you are ready to have him come park in your garage...



Shaggin Wagon - Dumb and Dumber 1 & 2

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"Dumb and Dumber" starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Bridges, as well as this most radical of custom vans.  Built to house the character's dog grooming business, this van became a character all it's own.  The van is built over a Ford Econoline van, covered in 3" thick shag carpet made to look like a dog.  It's hilarious to drive as most people don't know what they just saw.  Scotlea Hot Rods makes it just like in the show - correct signs on the side, the legs lift to the sides so fuel can be added, and the tail bounces up and down. Best of all - it's still street legal as all the lights are visible and no windows are covered up.  


Check out the pics here and call us when you're ready for a new "pet" in your driveway... 


Bullitt Mustang

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The Steve McQueen movie "Bullitt" was a hit when it came out, known for one of the longest chase scenes in movie history at that point.  The center of this chase was the 68 Mustang Fastback driven by McQueen.  Based on a stock 68 Fastback, a few details were changed for the sake of the movie, but it's basically a very nice, slightly tuned Fastback in the beautiful Highland Green color.  It can be built with the factory sized 302 engine or anything larger you like (the version we did was a stroked 302 making 380 hp).


Star Wars Landspeeder

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Not so long ago, in a galaxy close to you, Scotlea Hot Rods was tasked with building a replica of the Landspeeder that Luke Skywalker drove in the first Star Wars movie.  This vehicle was supposed to hover and be powered by 3 turbines, so it was a little out of our normal activity, but we did it anyway - unfortunately it doesn't actually hover, and the turbines are fake - BUT it does drive via an electric motor so you can cruise around in this and amaze your friends or chase Darth Vader. As always, Scotlea prides itself on details, and this thing has details everywhere - from the damage and sandblasting, scars, buttons, seats, windshield, and paint - all exactly like on the movie.  We spent a lot of time researching and getting all the small items right - down to the hundreds of computer chips all over the speeder - hard to see until you get up close, but that's what makes a Scotlea replica so nice.