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1979 Dodge "Big Red Express" - Mar 2020

The 1978 & 1979 Dodge "Lil Red Express" trucks were a big hit in their time, and still have a loyal following; but this customer wanted something different, something that a tall person could fit in comfortably, carry more than 2 passengers, and still look good.  So, the idea was hatched to build a model that Dodge never did - the "Big Red Express" - basically the same truck, but using a Club Cab model instead of the single cab. 


Starting with a good running Club Cab model, and a short narrow bedside, the truck was torn apart, the frame shortened, floor rust repaired and sent off to paint...

Engine bay rebuilt with factory parts and a few blended custom touches.  Stock 360 small block and 727 trans were rebuilt and reused.  

Finished up and on the road - with lots of people telling us they used to have one too - NOT!  This is the only Big Red Express known - because we made it!!!  Pretty cool.  The interior is a mix of old and new - using Chevy full-size Blazer seats and console for a better fit for the owner, and NOS dash and door panels.  Dash gauges include the rare factory tach, and an engine vacuum gauge.