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34 Ford Vicky - April 2017

This 34 Vicky came to us for a transmission swap - out with the old 350, in with a new 700R4 - get the air-conditioning to work, and fix a couple small wiring issues.  The trans swap was easy, the rest - not so much.  This is a beautiful car, but whoever wired it forgot about making that part nice - instead it was a rats nest of wires, relays, and fuses that threatened to burn the car down unless addressed.  So instead of fixing a few items, a lot of wiring was replaced - most of it under the center console.  Same story with the AC - it didn't work because it was homemade - literally held together with expanding foam - it was never going to work.  So it all came out, and in went a new Vintage Air system.


A beautiful car on the outside, nice engine bay too...

Wiring nightmare !!!!  A lot of unnecessary wires and vacuum lines, relays that didn't work, etc.  Then nicely fixed...

While we were wiring, we gave it a few neat tricks - remotely controlled power windows, remotely controlled trunk and fuel door openers, and remote locks.