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1951 Mercury - Dec 2021

This 1951 Mercury was brought to us as an abandoned project that needed to be finished up with the Scotlea touch.  The majority of the body mods have already been done, with a removable 50 Mercury top installed, 59 Caddy taillights mounted, a 59 Impala dash, and 77 Nova front clip welded in.  That's it.  Everything else is up to us, so we get to really bring this one to life.  Follow along as it progresses into a real custom sled...



Finished up and on the road.  Engine chose was a small-block Chevy with a period correct, and very rare, side-by-side dual-quad intake manifold.  Engine also received a late model serptentine belt setup so the AC could spin fast and there would be no belt squealing.   Sanderson headers dump into Flowmaster mufflers that stealthily dump behind the rear bumper, giving the fake sidepipes a cool look that won't distort the paint.  Interior combines Caddy front seats and a cool T-bird "wrap-around" rear seat - all custom covered in a nice marbled leather.  Dash is filled with VHX gauges from Dakota Digital, Vintage Air AC, and tunes from Retrosound.