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Krass & Bernie 1969 Daytona Pickup

Krass and Bernie have been a staple of hot rod cartoons for decades, and yet nobody has ever built one of their fictional creations in the real world - until now.  Scotlea Hot Rods worked with Krass & Bernie cartoonist George "Troz" Trosley to come up with a non-fiction version of the only recurring vehicle from the cartoon - the 1969 Daytona shop truck.  See, in the cartoon, the guys needed something more practical than their hot rod cars to haul parts and pull their trailer to the track, they had an old 69 Charger Daytona, and a Dodge pickup - the two were melded to create this one-of-a-kind truck.  It has appeared in many episodes of the cartoon, and now it will appear on the streets near you.  And don't worry, we aren't going to cut up an actual Daytona - we aren't that crazy (yet).

Starting with a very used up 68 Charger that has served to donate parts for various builds for years.  The salvage yard it came from had used a forklift to move it around, thus messing up both the roof and the undercarriage - but we didn't need those anyway.  

Since this will be a truck, and Chargers were unibody cars (no full-frame) we had to put it on the rotisserie and create a round-tube frame and braces that would keep it straight once the roof was cut off.  We are also adding a bed instead of backseat and trunk, so the frame hump over the axle had to be lowered and reinforced.  Once that was done, the rusted floor and truck (basically the entire center of the car) was cut out.

Since there wasn't going to be any metal surgery going on up front, we decided to go ahead and paint the engine bay to see if the color looked right, and drop in our donor 440 engine & 727 trans.  In the cartoon, the truck always appeared in black and white, but Troz said he always imagined it purple and white, so here we are...

A new friend donated a complete Daytona nose cone and associated parts - hard to find good parts and great friends - we got both!!!

Time to cut some metal off - this was the hardest part - making a big hole in the back of a Charger, but we did - now we have to transform it into a pickup bed...