1957 Ford Ranchero

We are taking this newly painted 57 Ranchero and giving it an updated drivetrain, electronics and interior. The new motor comes from a 2007 Mustang GT, mated to an automatic trans and the original 9 inch rearend. Other updates will include Vintage Air AC, power steering with a tilt column, new gauges, power locks and windows, etc.

The big 4.6L engine was to wide for the stock framerails, so a section from a 69 Chevelle has been grafted on. I know, Chevy parts on a Ford, but the frame rails were exactly the same size, same track width, etc.

Frame is stripped, cleaned and painted. New suspension is installed, and engine/trans are in place.

Front end reassembled and engine bay work continues - it's a pretty tight fit.

Interior work started. Firewall had a lot of holes to fill. Dash is being completely reworked to house the Vintage Air controls, a modern sterero, and AC vents. A center console will be added for cupholders and gauges as well.

Dash is painted and assembled, engine bay is done - all wiring and plumbing complete, and a lot of body trim is in place, along with front and rear windshields. The engine has been fired up and sounds amazing!!!


This build took almost a year to complete since every inch of this truck was touched in one way or another. Under what looks like a stock Ranchero body is a totally modern drivetrain and interior. A lot of custom one-off parts and tons of special touches were added to make this Ranchero a definite one-of-a-kind, plus - it is very fast!!!

The interior was designed to mimic the exterior colors and trim. The original bench seat was restitched in the original pattern, but with new supersoft vinyls. Custom kickpanels, carpeting and doorpanels were also made. Notice the doorpanel trim that copies the trim on the exterior bedsides. A custom console holds gauges, 12-volt outlets and the always necessary cupholders. The dash has been smoothed and holds the stock speedometer, Vintage Air controls and Alpine stereo. The stock window roller handles are actually switches that control power windows now.

A wrecked 2007 Mustang GT gave up its 4.6L 3V engine and accessory drive. That was mated to a 2003 4R70W transmission putting power to the original 9" rear with 3.56 gears. Ford Racing stepped in with a stand alone wiring harness and computer for the engine, while a Simple Shift computer controls the trans now. As a drive-by-wire engine, this Ranchero is completely modern - no throttle cable to be found. A custom aluminum radiator and electric fan keep it all cool; while cold air is ducted in from behind the headlights to the throttle body. Notice the Mustang pony emblem has been replaced with the Ranchero emblem on the engine cover. Fuel is fed from a custom modern "plastic" tank through an in tank fuel pump to an Aeromotive regulator to the engine.

While the exterior of the body is completely stock - down to every bit of trim, it's all been straightened, smoothed, chromed, polished and/or painted. This is all 1957 vintage stuff. The wheels/tires are the only nod to what may lurk underneath. American racing 17" wheels give this truck just enough hot-rod vibe. Note the custom Ranchero emblem center caps on the wheels. While this is actually a 1/2 ton truck, and one that had a higher payload rating than the regular 1957 Ford 1/2 ton truck, it won't be carrying much now that the bed is smooth and white; but with those 1/2 ton leaf springs - it can!